YUFE Facts    

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) was founded in 1951, and designated as one of the key provincial institutions of higher education by Yunnan Provincial Government in 1995. YUFE is a multi-disciplinary university which excels in economics and management but also offers high-quality programs in philosophy, law, liberal arts, natural science and engineering. 

Overview of YUFE 

          The university offers undergraduate courses and graduate courses. Located in the north of “he city of eternal spring” Kunming, YUFE occupies an area of 81.5 hectares. The campus environment is pleasant and all necessities are provided to students for their convenience.

Why us YUFE

        1. Rate to get the job of students who achieve high education is to 95%. And arranged in the front row in the University and Yunnan Province.

       2. Our university is committed to operating in an open university. The association has launched a long-term stable cooperation and exchanges with universities and organizations in more than 80.

       3. The university has an advanced multifunctional library that hosts collection of 1,800,000 books volumes and high-tech laboratories, multimedia conference centers, electronic reading rooms and modern multi-function gymnasium.

       4. The University is also a center for language proficiency test that the HSK test and IELTS with foreign laboratories.

Types and features students

1.  The Chinese language course for students. Be healthy, be required to attend as a predetermined course.

2.  Undergraduate students. Applicants must have graduated high school. Through the test   with a score of Chinese level HSK level 4 195 points up. Healthy.

3.  Master degree students Applicants must have graduated with a bachelor's degree or   equivalent. Through the test with a score of Chinese level HSK level 4 210 more points  healthy.

The expense.

1. The application fee is 400 Yuan / person 

2. Tuition 

2.1 Chinese students. Fees depend on the period of study as follows: 

- Duration 1 month (about 18 hrs. / R.) 2100 Yuan / person 

- Duration 3 months (about 18 hrs. / R.), 5,380 Yuan / person 

-. Duration 6 months (about 18 hrs. / r.), 7,530 Yuan / person 

- Duration 1 year (about 18 hrs. / r.) 11 620 Yuan / person 

2.2 undergraduate students 16,600 Yuan / year 

2.3 degree students. Masters 23,000 Yuan / year 

2.4 undergraduate students in collaborative projects. International 18260-22000 Yuan / person / year 

2.5 graduate students in collaborative projects. International 33 200 Yuan / person / year

3. Pay according to the price for the book.

4.  Insurance 600 Yuan / person / year

5. Accommodation


Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

    237 Longquan Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Consultancy study abroad.

Arna Education and Services Co., Ltd 

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          1. Study in China.

          2. Studying in Malaysia

          3. Study in the country. Oxford College of Sydney, Australia

          4. Our services 

          Finding accommodation and airport transfer To apply for a visa and flights

          Providing advice during the study.

          Contact: Arna Education and Services Co., Ltd 

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